Platform Doc. Marten boots, courtesy of Chloe


When I was a teenager in the nineties, and grunge was all the rage, I went through a phase of wearing Doc. Marten boots. In those days I loved my ‘Docs’ – mine were the 8 hole version in standard black, but I dreamed of the day when I’d own a pair of the 12-eyelet Doc. Martens, in some kind of "cool" colour, like maybe purple of green. Then I grew up, came to my senses, and threw the Docs in the bin, never to be thought of again. Until now, obviously, when Chloe decide to bring out their homage to the humble Doctor Marten, adding a fugly great platform to the clumpy, mannish shape.

I think they’re a crime of fashion; I know Agyness Deyn would probably disagree – but what about you?

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