Actually, the shoe thing would be kinda cute with something …

Comment on Wardrobe Malfunction or Adorably Quirky? Joss Stone in odd shoes at the 2008 “Imagine There’s No Hunger” campaign launch by bootsie.

Actually, the shoe thing would be kinda cute with something else, but not with this “outfit”.

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Dress of the Day: Lanvin green ruched belted dress
I don’t disagree with the Police very often, but I’ll have to with this dress. Something about it “just ain’t right!” The top starts off really pretty, and then something just goes wrong. And the black tie belt thingy looks like an afterthought. Thumbs down on this one.

Save or Splurge: Drop Pocket Dresses
Both are really cute, if you’re young, tall, and thin. All of which I was a few years back….. But the save dress, because of its simplicity, would be far more versatile. Change shoes and jewelry, and voila! Different look!

Aretha Franklin’s hat steals show at Barack Obama’s inauguration
The hat is fabulous! Aretha is fabulous! The hat ON Aretha is double fab! LOVE it!

KTZ Two-Sleeve Shirt Has Four Sleeves
Lord have mercy….

Fashion Police at the Golden Globes: Salma Hayek and Beyonce
Salma is SO gorgeous, and her hair and this beautiful dress are absolutely divine. Perfection!

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