Wardrobe Malfunction or Adorably Quirky? Joss Stone in odd shoes at the 2008 “Imagine There’s No Hunger” campaign launch

Spl59919_0081We’re not sure who made these shoes (any ideas?), so we can’t tell you whether they actually came like this, or whether Joss Stone here just bought two pairs and decided to mix it up a little. It’s the kind of thing Joss just might do, but then again, it’s the kind of thing some shoe designers we could mention just might do too, so we’re going to hold off on labeling this one a “wardrobe malfunction”, for now, at least.

Wardrobe malunction or deliberate decision, though, what do you think of Joss’s look here? Does she look, as the Daily Mail commented, “like she got dressed in the dark”, or is she just working her own, quirky style, and somehow pulling it off? The tie-dye cardigan is certainly in keeping with Joss’s “hippy chick” style, and she’s gone for a harlequin-style t-shirt dress underneath, which kinda reminds us of the nightwear of the 80s, although not necessarily in a bad way.

What’s the verdict, Fashion Police jurors? You like?


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