Swimwear Section: John Galliano 50’s Stripe laser cut detail bikini top and pant

John_galliano_bikini We’ve been neglecting our Swimwear Section recently, but when we came across this John Galliano bikini over at Figleaves this morning, we knew we had to show it to you.

This is described as 50s-style, but it’s a very modern take on that retro look, taking the best elements of the figure-flattering design and bringing it up to date. Those of you who worry about tan lines may not like the top, which has a little more coverage than your average modern bikini, but if tan lines aren’t a concern, this could be right up your street.

The John Galliano name, however, doesn’t come without a price, and the only downside we can see to this piece is the price – it’s £159 at Figleaves.

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