Jimmy Choo’s pilar box clutch bag: about 100 times as expensive as a real magazine

Jimmychoo_clutch_bag Jimmy Choo’s pilar box clutch bag is apparently supposed to look like a rolled up magazine – which kinda begs the question, "Why not just, you know, roll up a magazine and walk around with it, rather than spending $595 on a bag?"

It is, of course, a totally superfluous question, though, because for one, a rolled up magazine wouldn’t carry any of your stuff, and for two, it’s art, dahlinks! Art!

The art in question is the portrait ‘Nuclear’, by Richard Phillips, and the woman he’s painted looks a little shocked to us. Maybe she just saw a pair of Crocs, who knows…. The important thing is: would you buy it?


  • June 5, 2008


    Well I wouldn’t, but that’s because…here’s what you do…buy a cheap 5 dollar clutch, cut out your favorite magazine advert, paste it to the clutch. Not only is it cheap, it doesn’t look like a hundred other bags out there. Furthermore, if it were Josh Petkin…MAYBE. That just looks like cheap art to me.

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  • June 6, 2008

    gwendolyn vishuss

    No. Sorry.

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  • March 10, 2010


    Magazine clutch purses began in London. A designer made them to help ease the tremendous amount of purse snatching. Is it a magazine or a purse?? Jimmy Choo’s bag gives no indication that it ever was a magazine. I have two 1970s . Authentic magazine clutch bags have the magazine name across the top with the magazine cover copy (words) that you’d find on an actual magazine cover, on it. Choo’s clutch is just a clutch. ~This design though, holds ALOT of stuff, and……they are art. That said, I wouldn’t pay this much for a purse no matter who made it. The design of this type of clutch though is wonderful.

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