Dress of the Day: Daria strapless dress by Jill Stuart


It’s back to Net-a-Porter again for today’s dress of the day – well, can we help it if they have so many beautiful things in stock at the moment that we’re drawn to them like Britney Spears to those tan knee high boots she keeps on wearing? Of course not.

This red Jill Stuart dress is in the classic prom dress style which we’re seeing so much of at the moment -in fact, it’s fairly similar to the black Miu Miu dress we featured last month, but the colour is oh-so-festive, and the little rosette at the bust is cute. I’d like it better if the waistline fell closer to the natural waist, which would make you look less like you could be pregnant under there, but then, I don’t get to wear red anyway, so it’s a moot point. Mrs Claus would probably like it, though.

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