Jessica Simpson’s ‘Gusla’ wedges – move over Giuseppe Zanotti


Remember Giuseppe Zanotti’s architectural wedges, and how we thought no one would ever actually wear them? Turns out we were wrong. Well, maybe. Jessica Simpson – or rather, the people who design shoes under Jessica Simpson’s name – certainly seems to think there’s a market out there for wedge shoes that you could almost walk underneath. Well, OK, not quite. But these ‘Gusla’ wedges are pretty eye-catching, anyway. You can buy them for $90.95 at Zappos, but would you want to, that’s what we want to know?

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Jessica Simpson makes wedge slippers, tries to sell them as “shoes”

Jessica_simpson_shoes We’ll be the first to admit that the Jessica Simpson shoe line isn’t half bad. In fact, we realise this may come as a shock to some of you, but we actually quite like some of the shoes being made in Jess’s name. Not these ones, though, because is it just us, or is anyone else seeing a wedge-heeled slipper here? And wondering what purpose shoes like this could possibly serve, because surely if it’s cold enough for fur-lined slippers (faux, naturally), it’s too cold for mules? Not to mention the fact that there’s just never really a good time to wear your slippers out of doors, is there?

If you disagree, you can buy them for $80 at

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