Wanted! Jessica Kagan Cushman bangles


We’ve spoken about Jessica Kagan Cushman’s fabulous bangles here before, but the more we see of them, the more we like them. And also: want them. The ones above are currently available at Browns, where they’re selling for £80 each. We particularly love the heavily ironic “Does this bracelet make me look fat?”, but “New shoes cure the blues” seems like a pretty good motto for life, too…


  • May 28, 2008


    You know how women say things like “This makes me look fat?” and some guys will actually agree? (Sad, I know).
    Well. I had a big bangle like that on, and was having a hard time getting my tight little coat sleeve off over it. I said, to no one in particular, “This is bracelet is just way too big!” and a certain male friend pops out of nowhere and says, “You’re right, it is!” Now, it’s one thing for me to insult my fashion/personal appearance. It’s entirely different when someone AGREES with my frustrated little comments!
    So that first one comes a little too close for comfort.

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  • May 28, 2008


    I love them but I think they´re kinda expensive. I can find other similar bracelets for $30 each.

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