Jennifer Lopez to wear designer delivery gown when she gives birth


I’m Not Obsessed has just revealled what Jennifer Lopez is planning to wear to the delivery room when she gives birth any day now: a designer hospital gown from Dear Johnnies.

Now, because the world of pregnancy and childbirth is an alien one to The Fashion Police. we are intrigued by this. People actually care what they look like while they’re giving birth? For real? We had no idea. And if all the made-for-TV movies we’ve seen are anything to go by, it’s a kind of bloody, sweaty, body-fluidy kind of experience, so buying a designer hospital gown sounded a bit like trowelling on makeup to go to the gym to us. But then again, who knows: maybe she just thinks she’ll be more comfortable in her own clothes? When we think of it like that, it actually seems a lot more understandable…

One of Jen’s delivery gowns costs $65. Worth it, do you think?   

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