Jelly gladiator sandals: the worst of two worlds?

Jelly_gladiator_sandals If you don’t like jelly shoes and you don’t like gladiator sandals (and if your responses to our posts about them are anything to go by, you really don’t like either of them), you’re probably choking into your coffee at the very sight of these, the jelly gladiator sandals.

Taking the "style" of the gladiator and mixing it with the sweat of the jelly shoe, these are currently selling at Topshop for £10 each, and are also available in transparent plastic. We guess they might come in handy for any water based activities you’re planning to take part in that require you to keep your shoes on at all times, but unless we get a particularly wet summer this year, we’re hoping we’ll be able to pass on the jelly shoes together.

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