Jeggings & Treggings: what do you think of them?


It’s been a few months now since the word “jeggings” first appeared on the Fashion Police radar, and since then, the leggings-that-look-like-jeans have become as ubiquitous as skinny jeans were this time last year. Which is fitting, really, given the resemblance between the two.

(For the uninitiated, “jeggings” are leggings that look like jeans, with a denim-like appearance, and “treggings” are leggings that look like trousers – i.e. they generally have pockets and a zip.)

When the jeggings and treggings first began to infiltrate the fashion world, we weren’t quite sure about them. We thought they could be a fashion crime waiting to happen, basically, but now that they actually walk among us, and are basically just super-skinny jeans and, er, leggings with pockets, we don’t think the situation is as bad as we first feared, and actually, as long as the normal rules of legging-engagement are observed (i.e. LEGGINGS ARE NOT PANTS), we don’t really mind them.

What about you, though? Do you love jeggings and treggings? Or do they have you reaching for the eyeball bleach?

[Jeggings: Topshop]


  • November 5, 2009


    Wearing “jeggings” is like wearing tight pants under whatever else you’re wearing.. like a skirt. Never okay.

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  • November 12, 2009


    I think leggings/jeggings/treggings are ok if worn like tights!
    I hate leggings worn with short tops.

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  • March 11, 2013


    I think they are cool if dey are worn properly. I don’t buy the idea of fat people wearing it, especially with half tops.

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