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Jeffery Campbell’s ‘Lita’ boots grow up, get hairy

Jeffery Campbell’s Lita boots: they’ve become the uniform of choice for the fashion blogging brigade and, indeed, there was a point last year when we started to wonder if there was some rule about having to own a pair of either these or Jessica Simpson’s ‘Dany’ before being allowed to start such a blog. (We’re still wondering, actually…)

Anyway, this is the latest incarnation of the Lita, and as you can see, Campbell has cunningly combined two trends in one with this, making the boot both clunky AND hairy. If only he’d added a peeptoe, it would be fashion victim perfection, no? They would describe it as “edgy” and “fierce” and all kinds of other “fashionista” words.

They probably will, anyway, won’t they?

What do you think of the latest Lita, readers? Are you as enamoured of these as with the other versions of the boot? Maybe you didn’t even like them to start with? Please share with the class….

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