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Lash your jeans together, the Cheap Monday way


Cheap Monday never fail to amaze us with the sheer… creativity….they put into their jeans. They’re responsible for some of the biggest fashion crimes on these pages, and yet, undaunted, they carry on churning out the kind of denim that leaves us scratching our heads in horror and wondering "who the hell dresses like this?" (In fairness to Cheap Monday, they also make some fantastic regular jeans, too. You know, ones that don’t have waists up to the nipples, crotches down to the knees or strange bits that appear to be designed to lash your legs together).

Take these Accordion Pants, for instance. The straps tying the legs together clearly serve no aesthetic purpose, so we’re going to have to assume that they serve a practical one. Which leaves us wondering: what could it be? Under what bizarre set of circumstances would you require clothing that lashed your legs together? To help prevent Lindsay and Paris flashing their crotches at every opportunity, perhaps? To put on your other half, to stop them running away? To…nope, we’re all out of ideas with this one.

Why would Cheap Monday want us to tie our legs together, folks? Answers in the comments box…

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