Style Stealer: Jayma Mays wears ASOS horse print sweater

Jayma Mays in a yellow horse print sweater from ASOS

We love it when celebrities wear clothes from the high street: it allows us to pretend they’re just like us, really, even although we know they’re totally not. And it makes it much easier to copy them, if copying celebrity style is your thing. Is it? If so, you may be interested in rushing out and purchasing this ASOS horse-print sweater, as seen on Jayma Mays (Hey, remember when “ASOS” meant “As Seen on Screen”, and all of the clothes were “as seen on” celebrities? This was all fields, then. God, we feel old now. We bet there are people reading this who are so young they don’t even KNOW what “ASOS” stands for, just like there are people who don’t know that “LOL” isn’t actually a word. Or punctuation. We digress, LOL.) this week at the Hollywood premiere of American Horror Story.

Not into horse print? Oh dear. You’re in for a rough few weeks, in that case, because horse print is going to be A THING this season. Trust us on this. Horses are the new Scotty dogs, as far fashion is concerned, so you may want to brace yourself for all of the people-in-ponies you’re about to see. What is it about winter fashion that makes people want to plaster tiny little animals all over their clothes, anyway?

Back to the sweater: it’s $61.11, it’s also available in grey, and you can click here to buy it from ASOS. What do you think of it?


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