Janet Jackson says ‘Good Morning, America!’ Fashion Police say, ‘What the hell is she wearing?’


You know, we didn’t even know you could get strapless overalls, and now that Janet Jackson’s been kind enough to alert us to the fact that you can, we kinda wish we still didn’t know about it. Sometimes ignorance is bliss, no?

While we could perhaps have overlooked the … weird overall thing… if we were feeling generous, though, there’s just no way we can ignore the fact that she’s tucked it into a pair of DM boots. Or that she’s wearing it over a shirt and tie. With a waspie belt. Seriously, what happened here, Janet? What kind of message are you trying to give out? That you were on your way to work on Wall Street when you suddenly remembered that your car needed fixin’, so you threw on your strapless overalls, tucked them into your workman’s boots and then decided to make the look a little more feminine with the belt?

Seriously, Janet, there’s a level of craziness in this outfit that we’re more used to associating with your brother: we’re troubled.

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