Jailed Jeans: some recent denim arrests

For many of us, jeans are a wardrobe staple: the kind of item that forms the basis of tons of great outfits, and which requires very little thought to style. For others, however, jeans are a one-way ticket straight to Fashion Police jail: here are some denim disasters which caught the attention of our officers recently…

wide-leg jeans

Shield jeans, £135

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Is it some kind of denim-clad superhero, out to save the world from ugly jeans – presumably by wearing them herself? All of these options would make much more sense than the truth, which is that this is simply a pair of jeans with super-wide legs, roughly hemmed down the sides to create this “caped crusader” effect. We’d love to see someone wearing these on a windy day: just imagine how well those “wings” would flap in the breeze!

ugly layered jeans

Iceberg layered jeans, £140

You’re probably thinking this suspect is simply a pair of jeans with very large turn-ups. We did, too. If you look closely, though (You may need to go to the Yoox website and use the “zoom” feature to get the full effect), you’ll see that what you’re looking at here is actually a teeny-tiny pair of jeans, layered over a regular-length pair of trousers (Or designed to LOOK that way, at least), so the final effect is of someone who was wearing her own clothes, but then unaccountably decided to steal some little kid’s jeans and try to cram them on over the top. Because THAT doesn’t look uncomfortable at all, does it?

Speaking of jeans that are too short, one solution to that problem is to hack the bottoms off another, completely different, pair of jeans, and attach them to the bottom of the outgrown pair:

flared jeans

ANOTHER solution is to throw out the too-short jeans, and just buy a pair that actually fit. We know which option we’d prefer….

Which of these three options would YOU prefer, though? Just say you HAD to pick one, in a ‘Wear or Die’ type situation: which would you go for?

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