A dress for possibly-pregnant J.Lo. Everyone else stay well clear…


Has J.Lo actually admitted she’s pregnant yet? I forget: she’s been playing "I’m totally not going to admit I’m pregnant, but please keep taking pictures of me in my massive smock dresses" for so long now that I’m finding it harder and harder to care.  Either way, though, I think she might like this dress from Laundry by Design. I mean, I’d be seriously surprised if anyone else liked it, but it is very "J.Lo" right now, isn’t it? Hell, you could probably fit about six babies under that billowing fabric -and actually, come to think of it, you could get a couple up each sleeve, too. Even a belt wouldn’t help you here, because there’s so much fabric you’d end up looking like an overfilled rubbish sack tied in the middle. Still, I guess it would be a lot of fun for parties: anyone fancy a kick game of "see how many people we can fit in one dress?"

It’s a jaw-dropping $475 (people would actually pay that much to wear this?!) and comes in extra-small, small and medium. No need for size large because… well, look at the size of it!

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  • November 7, 2007


    It reminds me of one of Freddie Mercury’s old stage costumes…which would make me wear it, but I’m just that kind of fangirl.

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