I love, love, love the yellow coat on the left. …

Comment on Fall Preview: J Crew, Fall 2008 by Jenn.

I love, love, love the yellow coat on the left. I probably can’t wear that much yellow, but I might have to go and try it on to see.

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Easy Halloween “costumes” from Topshop
Ha ha, my friends and I were just talking about this. We have such grand ideas for costumes throughout the summer, but then somehow Halloween sneaks up on us and we’re costumeless. So we end up slapping some ears on with a cute dress. Terrible! 🙂

Dress of the Day: Purple mesh bandeau dress from Dorothy Perkins
I love it! It’s just enough 80s to be fun, but not so much that it’s ugly. The purple is a great color.

Preen’s ‘Wedge’ skirt: hips are big this year – literally.
Maybe this is made for really, really thin women? I already have plenty of my own hips; the last thing I need is a skirt that makes them look bigger!
Also, this look always make me think of sci-fi movies. People in the future are often wearing things that look like this skirt.

Toe Tights: like toe socks, only pantyhose
And what’s the point of the these? Why do we need to separate our toes? I sort of get toe socks; I guess it’s to keep your toes snuggly and warm. But why would you get these? For thong sandals or something? Ew.

Fall Fashion Preview: New Look, Autumn/Winter 2008
Bring on the tartans and plaids! When done well, they can be so much fun. They remind of back-to-school shopping and fall.

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