Fall Preview: J Crew, Fall 2008


Over the past few days, we’ve been inundated with press releases and information on the Fall collections, and although we’re still trying to cling on bravely to the last rays of summer (It only lasted for four days here at Fashion Police HQ, so you can understand why we’re reluctant to see the end of it already), we’ve decided to bow to the pressure and start showing you some of what’s to come, starting with one of our favourites, the J. Crew Fall 2008 collection.

We love the use of bright colours here – we think we’re going to be needing them after this gloomy summer – and the way they’ve all been thrown together, with some unexpected combinations. There’s a lot of yellow, which we know will make many of you cringe in horror, but we love it, and we particularly love that coat on the left… The foldover collar on the jacket is also right up our street, and the shoes the model is wearing with the coat are to die for…


See what we mean? The shoes are available in different colours too, but we particularly like this red and pink – two colours we were always told never to wear together, but some rules are meant to be broken.


We could live very happily without the bright yellow flares (yes, we like yellow, but not that much), but little cardigans are a Fashion Police staple and we love – and will copy – the idea of the corsage tie on this one. Coloured denim is still very much in evidence this season, as are flares and bootcuts. Will The Fashion Police be persuaded away from black skinnies? Only time will tell…

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