Dress of the Day: Isaac Mizrahi for Target taffeta couture dress

Isaac_mizrahi_for_target The rain is currently beating down on the windows of Fashion Police HQ, and it’s so cold we’re wearing double layers, but let’s just pretend the weather’s nice enough to allow us to wear this gorgeous lemon dress by Isaac Mizrahi for Target, ok?

It hardly seems credible that something as pretty as this should cost just $49.99, but such is the case, and not only that, but in comes in pink and black, too.  Target call this style "retro glam", and they’ll get no argument from us there: it’s simple but perfect,  and that skirt makes us want to slip it on and spin round on our toes until we’re sick.

But we can’t. Because we don’t have Target in the UK. If you feel like snapping this dress up, though, you know where to find it


  • April 18, 2008


    DonĀ“t know why but I believe that the skirt would make my hips look bigger.. I loooove the dress though…

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  • April 19, 2008


    Definitely agreeing with Diana on this one. Cute, but it looks pretty unflattering for wide-hipped women! Mmh. Not really digging this dress though – a bit too cutesy and 50’s to pull off if you’re already short like me. :S

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  • April 20, 2008

    Eva Andersson

    And it won’t make a wide-hipped womans hips look bigger, since you can’t say if it’s hips or just skirt that makes the skirt stand out like that. Not that wide hips is a bad idea, if the hips look wide the waist looks smaller. But you’ll need a tulle petticoat if you want it too look like that.

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