Is the dress too short or is the model just too tall for it?

Is the dress too short or is the model just too tall for it?

ASOS PETITE Exclusive Ruched Side Bodycon Dress, £18

We were all set to arrest this “dress” for secretly being a top, and for being so short the model wouldn’t even be able to sit down in it without showing everyone her undies.

Then the penny dropped: the dress is from the ASOS Petite range. If the model isn’t (which, let’s face it, wouldn’t be unusual: we’re very used to seeing plus-sized lines modelled by super-slim models, and petite lines worn by very tall ones: it’s one of the many reasons modelling is so very hard…), then that would definitely explain the length, wouldn’t it?

ASOS normally put the model’s height and the size she’s wearing on their product descriptions, to allow us to try to work out how completely different the item in question will look on our own, non-model-esque figures. It’s one of the reasons we love them.

For some reason, however, they don’t state the model’s height on their petite range items (which is where it would be most useful), but DO give the approximate length of the garment itself, forcing us to dig out the tape measure first if we want to know roughly how long something will be.

So we did. And we discovered that this dress is definitely pretty darn short, even on your 5″3 (and three-quarters!) Chief of Police. Or at least, we THINK it is.

Is the dress very short, or is the model very tall? You decide…

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