Gnome shoes, by Irregular Choice

gnome-heeled shoes

gnome holding up shoes

gnome shoes

We’re used to Irregular Choice using quirky/crazy/delete-as-appropriate embellishments on their footwear – that poor crushed bunny from last season springs to mind – but gnomes? Aren’t there some kind of gnome-labour laws to stop people forcing the little guys to support their body weight on their heads all day long? Because there should be. It’s not The Fashion Police this gnome needs: it’s a union rep, to make sure gets a fair wage for his day’s work, regular breaks, and maybe some health insurance into the bargain. He’s going to need it.

OK, we jest: we’re sure no gnomes were harmed in the creation of these shoes. Or we hope not, anyway. Given that you won’t be committing an ACTUAL crime by wearing them, then, what we want to know is whether you think you’d be committing a FASHION crime by doing it. Would you be happy to walk around balanced on a couple of tiny gnomes, or are these guys just too “quirky” for their own good?

Now for the question we never would’ve imagined ourselves ever having to ask:

Do you think gnomes and shoes are a good combination, or are they a crime of fashion?

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