Irregular Choice ‘Low Level Danger’ shoes light up when you walk

“I flash!” proclaims this shoe, proudly.

“We’d much rather you didn’t, actually,” answer The Fashion Police, “Because we’ve seen this kind of thing before, you see, and we’ve arrested it every single time…”

Yes, this is another example of the shoe that lights up when you walk. Because obviously every other time that’s been done it’s been a huge success. That’s why you’re always seeing people walking around with light-up shoes. Oh no, wait, that doesn’t happen, does it? Because light-up heels tend to look ugly, and also because we’re not five years old any more.

Here’s a close-up of that heel:

We’re not loving it, although, to be fair, we haven’t seen what it looks like when it’s actually lit up. Maybe that would change our minds? Maybe we’d be so blown away with the sheer AWESOME of it that we’d willingly hand over £120 for these bad boys?

Or, you know, maybe not.

Would you? Click here if you answered yes…

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