Oooh, overzealous fringing in swamp green. Delicious… I think the 2nd …

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Oooh, overzealous fringing in swamp green. Delicious…
I think the 2nd pair have to be the most disgusting though. Why would ANYONE want those?

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Fantasy Shopping: Net-a-Porter
Haha, I just did this yesterday, glad to know I’m not alone! I ‘bought’ the following:

Vivienne Westwood Anglomania dress:

Miu Miu red bow shoes:

YSL ‘mini’ bag:

and this McQueen coat:

Total ‘expenditure’: £3220. Now, all I need is a lottery win and I’m sorted 🙂

Style on Trial: Oasis Trompe L’oeil print tunic dress
I like this. I like the white/pinky one much more than I like the black one though. I think I would wear the lighter one for sure 🙂
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Wear or Die: Paisley print dress edition
I would wear the McQueen one, because there is a little part of me hidden away in a tiny recess of my mind that would quite like to be a 16th century maiden for the day, even a 16th century Scottish maiden. And if, one day I decided to live out that fantasy, the McQueen dress would be perfect.

Fashion Trends: Dogtooth/houndstooth check
I love me some houndstooth. Although it says something about me that I immediately go ‘ooooh’ not at the cheapo stuff, but at the v expensive McQueen jacket and the beautiful Preen skirt.

Pubic hair fashion: for when you just want to keep it “real”….
Umm…. ewwww.
Just why?

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