These are obviously boots for the fashion conscious cow. …

Comment on Frankenshoes: Irregular Choice ‘Gaga’ boots by Ash.

These are obviously boots for the fashion conscious cow.

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Handbag of the Week: Topshop Grosgrain Nude Chain And Bow Long Strap Lock Detail Bag
Who exactly would this purse be nude on? My skin is brown so it wouldn’t be nude on me.

Impostor Alert! MARSèLL’s ankle boots-pretending-to-be-shoes
I’ve noticed that the term ‘flesh-colored’ keeps coming about on this site and I don’t know why something like ‘tan’ or ‘pale’ are not used instead. That color is peachy or tan and while that is the color of some flesh it is not the color of all flesh however when the term is used here it is always represented by what would be a white person’s skin. It’s as though when the articles are written it is assumed that the only people visiting this site and reading the articles are white and that is not so.

Eva Longoria Parker in Naeem Khan at the Cannes Film Festival
It does noting for hear top half. Its an okay dress.

Suspect Roundup: Crocs attempts ‘stylish’ footwear
I’m actually going to purchase some crocs when I get the chance. Not those round pieces of crap you see grown men and women walking around in. Some of their shoes are actually very cute and if they are as comfortable as people say crocs are then I say it’s worth it. Wouldn’t you pay to have a pair of extremely comfortable 4″ heels?

Fashion Police at the Met Costume Institute Ball 2010: Rosario Dawson in Giambattista Valli
I disagree. She looks like she was going to the grocery store and decided to slip on a gown. If she were going to go so outrageous with the dress she should have gone all the way with big cirls and lots of light makeup like barbie.

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