Given what she’s wearing, I think people who throw stones …

Comment on Iris Apfel wishes The Fashion Police were real by Rock Hyrax.

Given what she’s wearing, I think people who throw stones shouldn’t live in glass houses…

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Is it offensive? The Ardorous X American Apparel Period Power Washed Tee (Images NSFW)
If you go on a march and want to dress for comfort, in non-black (so the police don’t arrest you), rather than style, and don’t want to find highly unflattering video footage of you appearing on the news for months, this would be the perfect tee shirt to wear.

High End Halloween | Spooky Style from fashion designers
The Olympia Le-Tan ‘Dracula’ bag reminds me more of Bender from Futurama than anything else. Which is not a bad thing…

Trend Trial: Dungarees
Nay, nay and thrice: nay!

Fashion Crimes of the Week: the ugliest clothes ever
The Mousifying of those sandals is a definite improvement. But the D&G boots have just brought my nausea back…

Fashion Crimes of the Week
Given that the trouser-shorts have a matching sheer blouse, they already look like some weird sort of cover-all worn as a punishment in the FP gaol.

The “bag” part of the poodle thing reminds me of a bin, so it’d be ideal for carrying your poo bags and stuff when walking the dog.

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