My American size 12 butt and I will be sulking …

Comment on Iris Apfel wishes The Fashion Police were real by Alexandra.

My American size 12 butt and I will be sulking in the corner, if anyone wants us…

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Explain these shorts
Wow, these are amazingly popular in Japanse style right now… but as I don’t live in Japan, or have model-skinny legs, I shall leave them be.

Candice Boucher arrested by Fashion Police for shress-related offences at Cannes
Those poor fellows- “Must not stare, must not stare, must not stare…”

Royal Wedding: Are you desperate to steal Kate Middleton’s style?
She does look very nice, very classy, very royally marriageable. But I have never wanted anything she’s worn all that much. Of course, that might be because I’m still sixteen and a bit adventurous with clothes, but still.

The Shress Reaches a New Low

Celebrity Fashion: Dita Von Teese has lunch in L.A.
Dita! Looking retro-gorgeous, as always!

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