Looks like a dropped crotch to me too …

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Looks like a dropped crotch to me too

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Rogue’s Gallery: Holey clothes
I think the leggings would look alright over a pair of tights (e.g. fishnet), and worn with boots and a skirt or dress. But not that one with the holes in – would look too coordinated and instantly become pretty sad!

Daylight Robbery: Balenciaga’s £500 furry mittens
If I was Mousy I’d provide an illustration on how they resemble Dougal from the Magic Roundabout…

Nipple tassle t-shirt. For children. Seriously.
Looking at the site, seems like it’s aimed at parents who want to show other parents how ironic and amusing they can be. (See the child-unfriendly alphabet section for further examples.)
Not having to mix with people like that is another reason to be glad to be child-free! 😉

Style On Trial: Jason Wu collarless feather coat
Looks more like a feather skirt *stuck to* a blouse. (So you can add that to the list of charges.)

Wadrobe Malfunction: Naomi ‘No Pants’ Campbell
And to continue with the medical theme, has anyone else noticed how she’s got a little pelvis and spine motif on her dress?

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