Introducting… The Lovehandle Dress!


We’ve been noticing a lot of this around lately: it’s what we like to call "The Love Handle Dress", although clearly that’s something of a misnomer in this particular case, because this Lipsy number isn’t cut quite low enough to expose our wobbly bits. The "Ribs and Back Dress" didn’t sound as catchy, though…

Now, clearly this kind of dress isn’t aimed at The Fashion Police and its officers. It’s aimed at those who are younger, braver, and less likely to use the phrase, "ooh, you’ll catch your death in that, young lady!" Oh, and who go clubbing, obviously.

Is it just us, then? Is our dislike of the Love Handle Dress purely caused by the fact that we’re clearly not part of its target market in any case, or is it, in fact, a crime of fashion? You decide. (And when you do, tell us…)

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