The Internet Vs “The Real World”

clear Topshop jeans

MOTO Clear Plastic Straight Leg Jeans

We had to check the calendar when we first came across these jeans – we were pretty sure it wasn’t April 1st, but at the same time, this does look a bit like an “Emperor’s New Clothes” type situation, doesn’t it?

It’s no joke, though – and while you’re Fashion Police are still struggling to see the appeal of totally transparent jeans, the answer came in the form of the reviews of this item on the Topshop website – which basically just confirm to us that we’re far too old, and tragically un-stylish to get it.

“These jeans might have got a thrashing on the internet,” wrote one thrilled purchaser, “but people in the Real World seem to love the look!”\

Ah, so it’s a case of The Internet Vs The Real World, is it? We do sort of get this: you only have to look at some of the top fashion blogs, for instance (or Pinterest, even), and then have a quick look around you to see that Internet style isn’t always realistic, and isn’t always picked up by The Real World. We’re thinking here of all of those Pinterest girls you see strutting around with bare legs and sandals in the snow: which HAS to be just for the photos, right? Right?

With that said, we’ve yet to see ¬†this particular look catch on in The Real World either, but there is another benefit to it, as pointed out by one of Topshop’s other reviewers, who writes: “

“As I am a victim of overactive sweat glands, these new jeans just let the sweat slip right down to my socks, so you cant see if all bunched up around my knee cap. Which men tend to say they find very off putting on a first date.”
Soooo, it’s better to be able to actually SEE that sweat sliding down your legs and pooling into your socks, we guess? Gotchya. Well, if it pleases men, we guess it’s worth doing: all women dress primarily for men, after all, don’t they? DON’T THEY?

(Answer: NO, they don’t. And that’s actually one of the things we really don’t miss from the days when we used to have comments open on this site – all of those men commenting with, “If you girls only knew how much men like to see you in X look, you’d wear it all the time!” Which, honestly, just makes us want to wear whatever it is even LESS, but, of course, if Topshop is anything to go by, it looks like we’re alone in that: and also alone in our complete lack of any desire whatsoever to own a pair of transparent jeans…)

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