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Incoming Fashion Trend: Tiger faces


Tigers seem to be having a bit of a fashion “moment” right now.

It must be nice for them. It’s normally leopards who get to have their print emblazoned on everything, but while there’s a lot of that around too at the moment, our force have noticed an increase in the number of t-shirts, tank tops and, er, body suits, with giant tiger faces on them.

This trend feels like another throwback to the 80s: there were a fair few tigers around then, too, and that makes us find it hard to see this kind of thing as anything other than tacky, but of course, that could just be our anti-80s radar talking. What do you think? Will you be walking around with a giant tiger on your chest this winter, or do you want us to cuff ’em?

Tiger burnout sublimation top, $17,80, Forever 21; Animal face body, £18, Topshop; tiger print cotton tank, £98, My Theresa

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