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Incoming Fashion Trend: Bra tops

(L-R leather biker bra, Browns; polka-dot bra top, Miss Selfridge)

We’ve already been seeing a lot of longline bras hitting the lingerie departments of our favourite stores in recent months, but this summer you can expect to see a lot more of the humble bra top, and we mean that literally, because they’re being tipped as the next big summer trend.

Yes, UK Vogue tells us that the only thing to be seen in this summer will be a longline bra, worn either over t-shirts, under cardigans or on their own with “just a peep” of stomach on display.

So you could wear them like this:

Blousson Noir leather bra top, £825

Or like this:


Or like this:

Fannie Schiavoni Gunmetal Chainmail Overlay Bra, ASOS

Or, of course, you could wear them on their own. (Maybe not that last one, though.) The Miss Selfridge one at the top of the page, for instance, could look cute with a pair of capri pants, say, or a summery skirt.

WILL you be wearing bra tops this summer, though (other than as underwear, we mean)? What do you think of this trend?

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