Incoming Fashion Trend: Animals on Clothes

Miu Miu has a lot to answer for. Having sent the fashionistas of the world into a tizzy over their recent cat and swallow print offerings, they’ve effectively opened the door for other brands to follow suit. And they have.

“Fashionable people like cute animals on their clothes,” is clearly the thinking here. “We will GIVE them cute animals on their clothes, by God!”

So far, however, no one’s been quite sure which animals we’d go for, (the cats and swallows are under contract to Miu Miu, so they’re out), so they decided to hedge their bets and see what worked. And thus we have:

SHEEP (River Island)

GIRAFFES (River Island)



OWLS (Shop Ruche)


STAGS (Dorothy Perkins)

And back to CATS (Dorothy Perkins)

So, what’s it going to be, folks? Which lucky member of the animal world will be the lucky successor to the swallows-and-cats crown? (Our money’s on the sheep. Gotta love those sheep…) And what do you think of the current trend for cute animals on your clothes, anyway? Love or loathe?

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