I have weird, extreme curves, so it’s hard to find …

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i have weird, extreme curves, so it’s hard to find any type of trousers that fit. i also despise jeans, since they’re extremely uncomfortable to me. so, i wear a boatload of leggings, but i can’t wear them with everything since with shorter tops they put my ass on display. this spring, i bought a pair of black jeggings as a warmer alternative to leggings and they barely left my butt ever since. wear them at least once a week. thinking of purchasing ones in different fabrics.

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What are your winter wardrobe essentials?
Also applies to white tights for me. Most of my winter clothes are black, so I feel white tights lighten the outfit up. Also, they go with almost everything just like black tights do!

Three So-Called Wardrobe Essentials you *DON’T* have to own
white shirts make one seem like wearing a uniform. the wearers usually come across as lacking taste and personality, so they’re sticking to the safest option.

also, wrap dresses make everyone seem late middle-aged, in my opinion.

No monsters were harmed in the making of this scarf*
i’d get this if it wasn’t so ridiculously expensive. i use stuff like this to brighten up my drab winter clothes.

Star Style Wars: Anne Hathaway Vs Marion Cotillard round two
they both lose. hathaway’s dress is shapeless and featureless, and cotillard’s outfit looks uncoordinated and awkward. also, her skirt looks as if it’s made from an unseasonably thick fabric.

Fashion Police declare war on flatforms
i’m sorry fashion police, but once again your taste in fashion fails to extend beyond anything traditionally “feminine”. clunky shoes are awesome.

also, selina, do women have an obligation to “walk with grace”?

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