They look like extra-tight skinny jeans. No, thanks. …

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They look like extra-tight skinny jeans. No, thanks.

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Dress of the Day: Kate Spade pleated ‘Melody’ dress
Oh that dress just looks so glamorous when paired with the necklace, stockings, and anorexia.

Five Fashion Myths Busted
I agree with the note about vertical stripes, especially when they run along the circumference of the sleeves (and it’s much worse when it’s fitted or tight).

Also, vests/blazers aren’t always flattering. They tend to emphasize the waist, even when they’re open…

Union Flag fashion: yay or nay?
Too political. But then again, the target audience wouldn’t know anything about that anyway. Some don’t even realize that it’s a flag…

Avril Lavigne at the 2011 BRIT Awards
That’s the whole point of the look…to sell to teenagers. Whether it’s an act or not doesn’t matter, because somebody earns a lot of cash at the end of the day thanks to those childish streaks 🙂

Case Closed: Nicola Roberts in Topshop’s Woodland print maxi dress
You can still look nice and dress differently, you just have to know the basic rules for wearing clothes that would flatter your body.

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