Impostor Alert! Yet another “socks pretending to be shoes” crime

Sock_impostersNot just the old familiar Impostor Footwear crime this time, folks, but worse: really freaking ugly shoes pretending to be socks. When will the madness end?

These men’s style shoes By Marsell are masquerading as sensible shoes with ankle socks stuck in them. Is anyone else reminded of those photos of people who have spontaneously combusted, leaving only their shoes and socks behind? That’s what this looks like to us, so, on the plus side, if you do decide to buy them (£344, since you asked) you’ll be able to play a “hilarious” joke on your housemates by leaving them lying around and pretending you just got blown clean outta them.

Or, of course, you could just do that with a regular pair of shoes and socks. Ones that aren’t ugly, preferably.

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