Crimes of Fashion, Shoes

Impostor Alert! Viktor & Rolf in “boots-pretending-to-be-shoes” crime


Aha, Viktor & Rolf, we see what happened here: you thought that by making the boots all black we maybe wouldn’t notice the small matter of the SHOE stuck onto the bottom, but sorry guys, nothing gets past The Fashion Police and their dedicated team of officers.

This is actually Viktor & Rolf’s second foray into the world of Boots-Pretending-to-be-Shoes, and some of you thought their first attemptwasn’t half bad, actually. Will these Footwear Impostors also win your hearts, though, or is this just a shoe too far? And what’s that gold thing on the heel, anyway? Did the Impostors step in something on their way to the Fashion Police holding cells?

Bail is set at £360, payable to Yoox.

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