If you love dinosaurs, you’ll love these shoes

Irregular Choise dinosaur shoes

Irregular Choise dinosaur heels

We know a little girl who’d probably love these shoes – or the heels of them, at least.  She’s two, though. There is that.

And that, in a nutshell, sums up exactly why we’ve never really got the appeal of the vast majority of Irregular Choice shoes. Sure, there’s the odd pair that looks like they may have been designed for adults, but when you find yourself admiring the same shoes as a toddler, you start wondering if perhaps time to re-assess.

What makes a grown adult decide she wants to have two plastic dinosaurs attached to her feet? We don’t know, but we’re going to assume that any explanation would include liberal use of the words “fun”, “quirky”, “whimsical” and “you’re obviously just OLD, Fashion Police – you need to get a sense of humor!”

Well, we ARE pretty old, granted, so we’re guilty as charged on that one. As for the sense of humour, we kind of feel that your clothes shouldn’t really REQUIRE one, but that’s just us, and as with so many of the items we feature here, it’s fairly obvious we’re not part of the target market for this stuff, which is absolutely fine – there’s room for all kinds of taste in the world, and if you want dinosaurs to form an integral part of your footwear, then at least you know Irregular Choice will probably always cater for you.

If, meanwhile, you want your shoes to be an adventure, as opposed to simply being footwear, the good news is that Irregular Choice cater to you, too:

Irregular Choice Big Top

They’re called Big Top – presumably because walking in them would be something of a balancing act. Considering the astonished looks and derisory comments we get just from wearing a pair of LOW heels (“How can you even stand up in them?!”), we’d LOVE to see the reaction these would get from the general public!

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