Style Stealer: Victoria Beckham and Katie Holmes’ Coats

Victoria Beckham together with Katie Holmes in Grey Coats

Now, I know we’re in danger of starting to sound like the Victoria Beckham fan club here, but seriously – I defy you to take a look at this picture and tell me that she doesn’t look absolutely fabulous. Katie Holmes hasn’t scrubbed up too badly either. Well, we’ve had a quick scour for coats just like theirs for you – take a look behind the cut to see what we’ve come up with…

Burberry Womens Clothing - Fall-Winter 2006/07 - TRENCH COAT

We couldn’t say for certain, but Victoria is a good friend of Christopher Bailey, Burberry’s creative director, so that coat she’s wearing may just be Burberry, in which case it’ll cost you a cool $1500 from Raffaello Network .

As for Katie, well, it shocks even me to say it, but we’ve stolen her style from none other than – gasp! – Laura Ashley… This DONEGAL TWEED DOUBLE BREASTED COAT is £150, and all you need to do is tie a velvet ribbon around the waist…

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