Hug Me! I’m a fashion criminal!

"And for my next trick, I’ll be squeezing out a small person from under my right arm!"

She’s not sure whether she wants a hug, or whether she just wants to hide underneath the neck of her sweater. Given that it’s making her look weirdly deformed, and she’s also committing the classic "adults dressing like toddlers" fashion crime, we’d suggest the latter course of action. We’d also suggest replacing the words "hug me" with "arrest me", because that’s exactly what’s going to happen to anyone over the age of ten we catch dressing like this…

(Thanks to Amanda for the report!) 

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  • May 16, 2008


    That is quite possibly the most modest outfit I’ve ever seen, as her body has disappeared entirely. o.0 Except for that odd lump over the bear’s leg on the left side.
    On a completely different note, my spell-checker assures me that the word ‘bear’ cannot possibly be possessive…

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