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How to Wear Shorts in Winter: Part 1

Comments have now closed on our latest Style Challenge, in which we asked you to show us how you’d wear shorts in winter, so it’s time to look at the results!

As promised, for this Style Challenge, we’re going to allow you to vote for your favourite outfit, and because of the high response to the challenge, we’re going to do this in heats. We’ll publish a new batch of entries every day from now until Thursday, with the winner of each heat going through to the final on Friday, so look out for the poll at the end of this post!

1. Ana’s outfit (below)

2. Bean’s outfit (below)

3. Rock Hyrax’s outfit (below)

4. India Black’s outfit

5. Gokarm’s outfit

6. Riali’s outfit

7. Karen’s outfit

8. Amanda’s outfit

9. Momo’s outfit

10. Hannah’s outfit

11. Jess’s outfit

ShortSharpShock by OhMyx featuring DKNY

12. Milano Cookie’s outfit

13. Lala Lu’s outfit

And now for the poll! You’ll find the creator’s name ABOVE each outfit, so please double-check that you’re voting for the correct person before placing your vote!

[polldaddy poll=2550595]

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