I especially love how the body suit isn’t even tailored …

Comment on How to wear a denim bodysuit, by Miss Selfridge by Theresa.

I especially love how the body suit isn’t even tailored well. If a body suit must be made out of denim, the least they can do is not put awkward elastic at the legs making it look like a diaper.

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Women’s Patriotic Clothing for the 4th of July
I really hate this type of clothing. I don’t mind a small flag on something or using the colors as wardrobe inspiration, but I think this is overdoing it. Plus it’s a little disrespectful in my opinion, especially when you think of what a flag is supposed to represent. In America, there is a specific way to fold a flag, dispose of a flag, and present a flag, so what about flag clothes is okay?

Style on Trial: Hipster/Nerd glasses
Aside from enforcing the “nerds wear glasses” stereotype, I think this trend is mostly stupid because the glasses chosen by hipsters are rarely even attractive. At my school the trend is to old, massive glasses that give the look of a teenage granny, and they completely overwhelm the face. If they are cute I guess I don’t have a problem with them as accessories.

Style on Trial: Shorts with visible pockets
Just bad.

Fashion Trends on Trial: Colourblocking
I love colorblocking! Bright colors are so cheerful and fun. I do think that care needs to be taken with color choice though. It doesn’t have to be matchy-matchy, but some clashes work better than others. Also, an ugly shirt is an ugly shirt, no matter what colors you wear with it.

Fashion Police Checkpoint: What are you wearing right now?
Dark wash jeans and pewter-colored thong sandals from Old Navy with a green tee-shirt from Loft.

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