How to save money on high fashion items

You COULD spend $282 on this paint-spattered shirt:

paint pattered shirt

OR you could just spatter paint over an existing shirt for free. (Or for the cost of the paint, if you don’t have it. It probably won’t cost you almost $300, though.)

Similarly, you COULD spend £795 on this KitKat inspired clutch bag:

Kit Kat clutch bag

OR you could just buy a REAL Kit Kat and carry that around with you instead. You won’t be able to carry your stuff in it, true, but you can’t carry a whole lot of stuff in a clutch bag either, and you can’t eat one either – which you can do with the real Kit Kat.

You COULD pay $430 for this extra-long-sleeved sweater:

long-sleeved sweater

OR you could simply take an old sweater you no longer wear much, and stretch the sleeves out as far as you possibly can – you know, like you sometimes did when you were a little kid? YOur mum may have yelled at you back then for ruining a perfectly good sweater, but now she’ll just be relieved you didn’t spend $430 on an attempt to look edgy…

You COULD spend $755 on this dress:

high fashion dress

The dress is just the check print bit over the top, by the way: don’t be getting carried away and thinking you’d get the blouse and skirt too for that price. You’ll have to buy those separately. So you COULD buy a “dress” and THEN buy some other clothes to wear UNDER your new dress (You could argue here that a dress which requires the purchase of additional items in order to make it wearable isn’t a great deal, but as our detractors are always telling us, if you think that, then you obviously don’t know anything about fashion, do you?), OR you could once again take an existing dress (or raid your fabric box, if you have one), cut it unto shreds, them basically just throw them at yourself and hope they stick. Same effect, vastly different price-point. Sorted.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this quick guide to saving money on high fashion – until next time, Fashion Force!

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