How to ruin a pair of boots, the River Island way


Oh no, how embarrassing! Looks like no one told these poor boots that Halloween was last week, and they’ve gone and gotten all dressed up in a silly costume, poor things!

River Island, meanwhile, clearly thought the additions were enough of an improvement to warrant sticking an extra £25 onto the price. Were they right, do you think, or should they have left well alone in this case?


  • November 3, 2008


    Oh dear… poor tarted-up boots. It’s like putting a monkey in a suit!

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  • November 5, 2008


    The first pair is just better, no matter how you look at it. But the second pair could be worse…a LOT worse. Though that tassel is very mad-looking.

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  • November 8, 2008

    Agent Elle

    I’m thinking of Wild West prositutes. Anyone else, or it it just me?

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  • November 29, 2008


    I like the after. The before is boring.

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  • March 14, 2009

    a woman

    I’m crying my eyes out at the sight of this – the before is so much better!!
    And I agree with you, Agent Ellie – because that also comes to mind: COWGIRL HOOKERS.

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