How To Help Your Man Pick Stylish Accessories

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When it comes to helping your man look more stylish, it can sometimes be tricky to know what to suggest for him.

You might be a fashion pro when it comes to dressing yourself, but when it comes to helping out your partner, you may not have any idea where to start.

That’s okay, even as a fashionable woman, you aren’t expected to know all the best tips for men’s fashion, as that is where we come in. Most men have wardrobes that are fairly stylish, but what they lack is accessories. The key to helping your man look more stylish and well put together is helping him to accessorize.

helping your man look more stylish


To help you, help your man pick out the most stylish accessories, here are a few tips that you might find useful.  

Start with footwear

When it comes to helping your man improve his style, the first thing you should start off with is his footwear. Shoes are a standard part of any outfit, but by choosing the wrong pair of shoes, your man can destroy the style of an outfit.

That’s why helping your man to choose the right type of footwear is so important. Many men make the mistake of thinking that black shoes go with everything when they don’t. There is no need to buy shoes in every colour, but to look stylish and well put together, your man should have at least a brown and black pair of shoes.

To look stylish, your partner should have dress shoes, as well as two or three pairs of less formal shoes. Toms, trainers, and Converse are ideal, as these each work well with different outfits and looks.  

A watch is a must

A fantastic way that your man can add extra style to his look is by adding a stylish wrist watch. Today there are many awesome watch designs for men, so no matter what style your man likes, you should be able to help him find something suitable.

There are lots of designs to choose from, so make sure to take your time when helping your man to find the perfect watch. If you go online, you can find lots men watches online, so have a look and have a browse to help your partner find the perfect one.

Help your partner choose stylish belts

When it comes to adding a little extra something to your partner’s look, a stylish belt is the ideal way to do that. The mistake that many men make with belts is believing that one belt works well with every outfit when that is not the case.

To ensure that your man’s belt works well with his look, he needs to ensure that he matches it to his shoes. If he’s wearing black shoes and a brown belt, he’s going to end up clashing, which is never a good look. The best way to help your man avoid this issue is by helping him to choose a few belts in different colours and designs. So no matter what he’s wearing, he has a suitable belt to pair with it.

By following the simple tips above, you can help your man to look even more stylish.

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