How to Find Your Style

Don’t know what to wear? Sick of opening up your closet every morning and staring at the contents in despair, or trying on outfit after outfit, only to end up settling for that ancient pair of jeans and a sweater, because you just don’t know what you like any more, or what actually suits you? Maybe you’ve had a baby, gained or lost weight, or simply reached a point in your life when you no longer feel your old look is working for you any more, and you need a change. But how do you find your style when there are so many choices out there that you don’t even know where to start…

how to find your style: developing a personal style from scratch

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  • July 16, 2013


    “There’s a big difference between knowing what you LIKE and knowing what suits you.” – This is sooo true, but it requires to accept what you really look like, and that can be tough. For me it was like, “If I admit I’m no hourglass then I will have lost the chance to ever look good”. And then I always felt my personality did not go with girly or feminine things: I am a rather energetic jack-in-the-box type of person with a brassy voice and a wide range of movement.

    I noticed what kind of clothes tended to accumulate in my wardrobe: Thin, ribbed sweaters (mostly something smooth and slinky like silk), colourfull boucle/leather/velvet blazer jackets (they fill up my scrawny upper half), darkish bootcut jeans (sit best over my broad, but angular hips) and rather high-end flats (love shoes, but have a smashed knee).

    One day I simply decided that I do not have to wear anything else, anything very feminine, anything that restricts my range of motion, makes me feel hot or cold, or whatever. There is enough variety in my jackets (I even have a braided one in velvet – hear you all shudder now thinking “Sergeant Pepper is back”) and I do not get bored.

    I got rid of most pencil skirts (require heels, are a pain to walk in, don’t look good with heavy calf muscles), frilly blouses (they always sell you frills if you have no boobs) and everything empire or smock (arghhh). With the pencil skirts gone I got myself some really good pantsuits for business, spend a lot on classic leather accessories and am happy with it.

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