How to dress like a pensioner: Graeme Black’s check shirt dress

Shirt_dress We’d almost come around to the whole "dresses that look like shirts and skirts" thing. Sure, we’d much rather just buy a shirt and skirt, and that way we’d be able to wear each of them separately, any way we wanted, but some of the current crop of shirt/dress combos have actually been not at all bad, and so we were starting to re-think our policy on Clothes That Are Stuck Together.

Until now.

Not only is this Graeme Black dress the very definition of stuck-together clothes, it’s also the very definition of What Pensioners Would Wear. Yes, the Dress Like a Toddler Trend has its polar opposite, and this is it. All it needs is a sensible pair of flat lace-ups and a headscarf and you’d pass for a pensioner, no problem. A rich pensioner, mind you – this is £1,225.

Any takers?

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