How Short is Too Short? Nicolas Andreas edition

short shorts

Welcome to the short-short edition of How Short is Too Short? We’re pretty sure we could get the word “short” into that sentence another couple of times at least, but we’ve already typed the word “short” so many times in this post that it’s started to lose all meaning. And, you know, it’s a short post. Groan.

Anyway, on to the pressing matter of the shorts, how short they are, and whether that shortness is too short…

The thing is: at first we didn’t even realise these WERE shorts. We thought they were knickers. And because we thought they were knickers, they didn’t really give them much thought at all, beyond the observation that for such big knickers, they sure don’t look too comfortable.

(Seriously, these look REALLY uncomfortable, don’t they? Especially when you consider that the thin, white fabric wouldn’t really allow you to wear much underneath them: they’re so high cut that even a thong might not work.)

Folks, they’re not knickers. As you’ve obviously deduced by now, super-sleuths that you are, these are, in fact, shorts. That you would wear in public. Hopefully after giving them a bit of an iron first.

The question: are they too short? 

Our answer: when they’re short enough to be mistaken for lingerie, YES, they’re too short. GOD.

And your answer?

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