POLL: How often do you shop for clothes?

We thought we’d start the week with a little bit of a “getting to know you” session, so this morning we’re asking the question: how often do you shop for clothes? (Or shoes, or accessories, or anything else that falls under the general banner of “fashion”, basically….(

how often do you shop for clothes?

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Reading fashion magazines and blogs, it’s very easy to come to the conclusion that everyone is shopping CONSTANTLY. How else do all those bloggers manage to have a new outfit to show off every day of the week? And how do you explain the fact that certain stores seem to sell out of new items instantly (Topshop and Zara, we’re looking at you…) if there aren’t legions of women, all with their fingers poised over the “Buy Now” button, just waiting to snap it all up?

It might SEEM like that, however, but it can’t possibly BE like that… or can it?

Today, we want to hear about your clothes-shopping habits. Do you shop on an ad-hoc basis, buying what you want/need when you want it? Or do you make a careful list of things you need each season, and then stick to it? Maybe you count down to pay-day every month, and then go right out and buy all the things you’ve been lusting over for the past month, or perhaps you save up for the things you love, and think carefully about each purchase. Or maybe you don’t do any of these: there are probably as many different answers to this question as there are readers of this website.

Whatever your shopping style, we’d love to hear about it, so please place your vote in the poll below (Just click on your chosen option, then hit the “vote” button), and feel free to leave a comment to tell us more!

POLL: How often do you shop for clothes?

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