How Much Is Your Wardrobe Worth?

Have you ever wondered how much your wardrobe is worth?

I hadn’t, actually: I’m not sure if that’s unusual, but it’s just not something that ever really entered my head. My wardrobe was built up over a number of years after all (many, many years, in some cases – there are a few items in there that are older than I’d really like to think about right now!), so it’s not like I went out and dropped a wad of cash on it, after all. This week, though, River Island added a wardrobe calculator to their website, so I thought I might as well give it a go:

wardrobe calculator

WHOA.  Did NOT expect that.

Now, to be fair:

a) I have no idea how they calculated what the “average wardrobe” is worth, or how accurate that figure may or may not be.

b) I also have no idea how accurate my OWN figure is, because I couldn’t be bothered going and counting every item I owned, so I estimated most if it. Everything in the list is split into “high street” and “designer”, but prices can vary wildly within each of those brackets, so, without knowing the exact value of each item, it would be impossible to get a truly accurate figure.

c) As a full-time fashion blogger, I not only have a much larger wardrobe than people in many other professions, I also get sent a lot of items for “free”, so even if the figure generated WAS accurate, it wouldn’t mean I’d actually SPENT that much – heaven forbid!

With that said, this little exercise was definitely a bit of a wake-up call for me. I’ve been on a bit of a mission to simplify and downsize my wardrobe for a while now, and this could be just the extra push I needed to continue with that. I’m not sure that’s quite the effect River Island were hoping to have, but that’s the one it had – on me, at least. If you’d like to find out how much YOUR wardrobe is worth, meanwhile, you’ll find the wardrobe calculator here.

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